Retail Pharmacy

Adara Ayurveda Pharmacy Stores provide facilities for consultation with expert Ayurvedic doctors, and offer medicines manufactured by the company under the brand Vasudeva Vilasam.

Pain Clinics

Adara Ayurveda Pain Clinics provide Ayurvedic treatments, including Panchakarma and other therapies, for the well-being of the human body by a professional team of therapists under the guidance of experienced doctors in the traditional Indian style.

Spa & Salon

Adara Ayurveda Spa & Salon provides a comprehensive range of beauty, hair and spa services. These services are administered by trained beauticians, stylists and therapists that combine traditional therapies and modern practices. The salon & spa uses only Vasudeva Vilasam and Adara Ayurveda products.


To fulfill the increasing demand for skilled workforce in Ayurveda therapy, the Vasudeva Vilasam Group set up an institute of Ayurveda for training therapists. Some institutions of the Group include Vasudeva Vilasam Institute of Ayurveda and Vasudeva Vilasam Institute of Stroke Rehabilitation. The institutes offer various shortterm courses and programs on Ayurveda and related therapies.

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