Adara Ayurveda is the consumer-facing brand by the Vasudeva Vilasam Group, a company founded in 1884 — based on traditional ayurveda practices. One hundred and thrirty three years later, through eight generations, the legacy continues. Director Nikhal pradeep The comapny has centainly expanded and grown through those years, and now boasts its own ISO/GST certified factory in Trivandrrum as well as medical clinics and spas in various cities throughout India. Magazines have been discovering this quiet company and singing their praises. If you assess who is the best ayurveda brands, Adara Ayurveda has to be at the top of the list. This is due, in part, to it’s multdeciplinary approach to bringing ayurveda to the people, cost-effectively. Public clinics are doctor-driven. They treat a variety of ailments through ayurveda curative products and therapies; products used in these treatmetns are pulled from the vast 500+ products that the company produces. Retail pharmacies with on-site doctors are an expanding division within the company and available to business owners looking to franchise. The Company has developed an extensive support system allowing business owners to grow with them. Spas & Salons are another growing disvison within thecompany, also available for franchise. Academy ayurveda training is an important in-house program to properly train all therapists working within the Adara Ayurveda business ecosystem. Products hae always been a mainstay within the Company, and they now produce 500+, holding no less than 50 patents. From dietary products to beauty to curative medicines, the Adara Ayurveda products can now be obtained at any of their many retail outlets, or online at their new E-Commerce platform Take a look at what the media is saying about Adara Ayurveda

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