Who We Are

A centuries old respected Ayurveda company.

Adara Ayurveda is the consumer-facing brand by the Vasudeva Vilasam Group, a multidisciplinary brand for authentic Ayurveda products, therapies, and holistic wellness treatments. The parent company produces 500 products at its own ISO/GMP certified factory in Trivandrum, and holds approximately 50 patents.

Our Snapshot

With more than a century of history through eight generations of family ownership, the company still maintains core philosophies that stay true to the integrity of its founder.

  • Traditional Ayurveda practices
  • In-house products and services
  • Doctor consultation driven approach
  • Affordable pricing for all
FUN FACT:  The company’s first products in the 1800’s included hair and body oils, and hair and tooth powders for the adjacent Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple priests. These original products are still in inventory today.

Our Mission

To create centres of Ayurvedic excellence that will offer holistic Ayurvedic wellness to every individual by drawing on our centuries of learning and our constant research to improve and innovate.

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Our Vision

Enabling healthy, joyful, and fulfilling lives through authentic and affordable Ayurveda.

Spa & Wellness for Life

Adara Ayurveda Pharmacy Stores provide facilities for consultation with expert Ayurvedic doctors, and offer medicines manufactured by the company under the brand Vasudeva Vilasam.
Adara Ayurveda Pain Clinics provide Ayurvedic treatments, including Panchakarma and other therapies, for the well-being of the human body by a professional team of therapists under the guidance of experienced doctors in the traditional Indian style.
Adara Ayurveda Spa & Salon provides a comprehensive range of beauty, hair and spa services. These services are administered by trained beauticians, stylists and therapists that combine traditional therapies and modern practices. The salon & spa uses only Vasudeva Vilasam and Adara Ayurveda products.
To fulfill the ever increasing demand for skilled workforce in Ayurveda therapy, the academies offer various short term certificate programs on Ayurveda and related therapies.
Vasudeva Vilasam produces 500+ products under the Vasudeva Vilasam and Adara Ayurved brands at their company-owned ISO/GSP certified factory in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. These products are sold through their retail outlests in Inda, as well as their E-Commerce store at adarmart.com.

Our History

When John Henry Garstin, the Private Secretary to Lord Napier (Governor of Madras)  was visiting the ruler of Travancore in the late 1800’s, His Highness Sree Moolam Thirunal Maharaja, he  was suffering intensely  from diabetic blisters. The Diwan of Travancore, Sri T Rama Rao, advised he undergo treatment from one of the bright young palace physicians, the Kottaram Vaidyan, Sri Vasudevan Unni. Mr. Garstin  was impressed with Sri Unni and recommended to the Governor to start an Ayurveda Patashala. It was set up at the  Kashayapura (Ayurveda Manufacturing area) of the Travancore Palace and our founder, Sri N Vasudevan Unni was appointed as the superintendent and Head Physician of the first Ayurveda Patashala. Upon his death his nephew (who had had trained under him) renamed the Vaidyasala to  Vasudeva Vilasam Vaidyasal in his honor. The patashala  was taken over by the government and is the current Govt. Ayurveda College of Trivandrum.  In 1971, a multispeciality Ayurveda hospital was established as a tribute to Sri. N Vasudevan Unnir at the same location as the patashala.

Senior Management

People Behind the Venture
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Dr. Pradeep Jeothi

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Karthik Bhaskaran

Managing Director
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Nikhil Pradeep

Director(Manufacturing & Business Development

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